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Ann's story

Scott and Ann Marie Bianchi moved to Camdenton June 2021. They bought land in Camdenton and had high hopes to start their new life in Missouri. Challenging circumstances began soon after they moved which caused them to not pursue any development on their land and live simply. They purchased a camper and began getting the basic essentials running for them to live on the land. Scott started his employment soon after the move but Ann Marie kept looking for employment and helped on the land while waiting for an opportunity. Over this period of time, Scott and Ann Marie became active in the community through volunteerism and community service. Ann Marie finally got a job in October which allowed their family the opportunity to become members at Central Fitness. Ann Marie is a marathon runner and would frequent the gym every morning to train and continue to build her fitness goals. Her son and husband also frequent the gym with the goals of staying healthy.

In February, a lump was discovered in Ann Marie’s left breast and after several tests, she was diagnosed with an aggressive Stage 2 breast cancer. With the seriousness of the placement of the lump, it was decided that Ann Marie would start chemotherapy right away. Ann Marie started chemotherapy by the end of February which involved starting one or the strongest medications for the first round. She and Scott have had to travel to St. Louis for these treatments which has resulted in additional expenses and time away from their jobs. Ann Marie starts her second round of chemotherapy at the end of May which will include travel to Rolla for treatment every week for the next three months. If all goes well, surgery is scheduled for the beginning of September which will include both the complicated surgery and long recovery.


Scott and Ann Marie called their land White Wind Ranch and when Ann Marie’s cancer diagnosis was discovered, White Wind Warrior became her mission. She knows this is a battle and that the Lord is on her side. As a member of Central Fitness, we are on her side too. We want her to conquer this cancer and come out as a champion! Please consider supporting this wonderful family and helping them through this difficult time in their lives.

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