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Looking to start a new exercise program?

Hit a plateau and need some professional guidance? 

 Looking to increase your muscle gain and definition?

Just a few of the reasons to consider personalized training sessions.
Check out our plans below and call today to discuss your goals.

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Meet Sean, our in-house personal trainer here at Central Fitness.  

Ready to get started?  

Complete this consultation form and Sean will be in touch to set up an initial meeting.

Individual Training Packages
# Sessions
Per Session

Semi-Private Training Packages

2 - 3 people

1 hour session - 3 sessions per week

6 week commitment

$25 per session per person

Total = $450 / person

Meet Sean

Meet Sean

Hi, I’m Sean Rafferty. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialist (Sports Performance), and Behavior Change Specialist through NASM. Health and Fitness has been one of my greatest passions for over 15 years now, and I’ve made it my mission to extend my knowledge to others to help them reach their fitness goals. I specialize in building personalized exercise programs for all populations, and prefer to incorporate a mix of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, speed, power, flexibility, and active recovery, however each program will be unique to one’s goals. 


As far as my background, I am originally from Southern California. I attended college at Arizona State University, and earned a Masters in Education at University of San Diego in 2017. From 2012-2018, I travelled the country as a Professional Wrestler, where I performed as a blindfolded ninja named Joe Heiken (Hi-Ken). I joined The United States Army in 2019, and am currently still active duty. I am here at Central Fitness through a program The Army runs as part of the process of leaving the military, and will remain on-location for the foreseeable future once my military contract is complete this November. 


My available dates are May 22 through September 18, and I will be back on-location full-time no later than November 20. I look forward to working with you!


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